Research lines

Competences. The scientific activity in this line revolves around: (a) the creation and contrast of competency-centered training models, especially in terms of dual training; (b) the adoption of strategies and methodologies that facilitate in training interventions the acquisition of competencies; and (c) the evaluation and professional certification of competencies.

Technology. This line of research works to innovate and learn about the impact that digital technologies, multimedia, virtual environments, e-learning and emerging technologies have, in formal and non-formal educational contexts, on the development of competencies of children, young people and adults. Digital competence in the general population and in specific groups -such as university students or teachers (active and in training)- is also the object of study within this line of research. As is the use of video as a tool for educational research and improvement of professional competence.

Society. This line is aimed at improving the levels of quality of life and well-being of people, individually and collectively, as well as at the organizational level. That is why, through research, training, design and creation of new models based on competencies and focused on the strengths, happiness and integration of people, we want to generate a new value in social action, providing consistent scientific evidence in accordance with the objectives of the group.

Education. As a specific line, it is interested in education in early childhood, primary, secondary and higher education, both in the teaching-learning of different subjects, as well as in higher education in the initial training of teachers in the aforementioned stages. In recent years, we highlight research oriented to science teaching, reading comprehension workshops or STEM education, among others; although the most relevant contributions are in dual training as a training modality that facilitates a real and contextual acquisition of professional, social and personal competences.

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